The Empire: Royale

The EMPIRE ROYALE would be a fully serviced estate with 4 blocks of apartments, each having 7 suspended floors, with 2 apartments on each of the floors. Each apartment block has 14 apartments, each with 3 ensuite bedrooms and an ensuite maid’s room, a laundry amongst other standard spaces. It will be equipped with an elevator, main and rear staircase, all placed in the central nerve of the block for easy access from the apartments.

The Empire: Vogue Apartment

The Empire: Vogue Apartment

With 11 rising floors the VOGUE APARTMENTS shall be a master piece on the existing coastline of Lagos state. It has been carefully located along the boundaries of the EKO ATLANTIC Mega City project soon to be the Lagos state's and a main business hub in West Africa. Dynamic in use, the vogue apartments would serve as a living space, short let, company lodge, hotel investments


This is a unique estate that comprises of 4 Bedroom Semi-detached and 5 Bedroom
detached  duplexes with BQs  and a block of 2 bedroom flats

Every building has its own gate and compound and it's kitchen fully furnished.