Rehoboth Gardens

Our Rehoboth Park & Gardens is located at Ibeju-Lekki after
eleko junction few minutes from La Campagne.

It falls under the Mawejo village excision and shares a
boundary with Igbogun village excision. The estate is a 10
minutes drive from the prestigious Lekki Free Trade Zone.
Estates and other Landmarks within the neighborhood include
Amen Estate, Federal Government Teacher’s Estate, Lagos
State Golf Course, Free Trade Zone, Cargo Port Construction,
Seaport Construction, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort
and Island International Airport.
Infrastructure in the estate include Transformer, Street Light,
Electrification, Recreation Centre, Good Road Network,
Perimeter Fencing, Drainage System and Water.

500m2 i.e full plot = N5,000,000 (Outright or 3 installments
within 3 months)

Other flexible payment plans include:
N5,050,000: N420,833 monthly for 12 months.
N5,150,000: N214,583 monthly for 24 months.
N5,300,000: N147,222 monthly for 36 months.
N5,500,000: N114,583 monthly for 48 months.
N6,000,000: N5,000 daily (Mon-Fri) or N100,000 monthly for 60

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