We are here to help you secure your future home either with full payment or through installment payment. We guarantee we will provide the right property for you.

Affordable Homes Lekki is solely set up to help people get quality and affordable homes in the Ikoyi, Lekki and Ajah region within Lagos state. We understand a lot of people are interested in getting affordable homes and properties within this region but don’t know how to go about it while some may have fallen into the hands of dubious home owners and touts. We have carefully done thorough research for every property listed on our website and have also done background checks for home owners and Estate owners.

Please feel free to go through our list of properties and for more information please call our hotlines and send us email as we will love to hear from you.

"For ready houses in Lekki , please contact us for details"
"Please note that you will pay an Agency Fee for any House you buy through Affordable Lekki Homes."