Lunar Hills is a unique array of affordable luxurious and smart buildings
located at different locations within Lekki, Lagos State.
Lunar Hills upon completion promises to be the best units of houses within
the lekki region, owing to the fact that we are combining three great
components of Real estate, which are:

Smart and Intelligent Home - Most houses within Nigeria are not smart but
Lunar Hills comes as a fully smart and intelligent home that definitely
increase the functionality of the house and its value.

Affordable Luxury - It will come as a full luxurious house but very
affordable and convenient. Well defined playgrounds and green areas, ample
car park space per unit and well designed, spacious and functional houses.
This involve good interior designs and finishings by renowned UK design

Great Environment - Located within an existing and well planned estate
community with low fencing and good landscape. It promises to beilies.


When you’re not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind; did I turn the gas off? Is it leaking? How secured is my house? Are the kids doing their homework or watching TV? … heck are they even safe? With a smart home, you could quiet all these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. Below are even more benefits that come with Affordable Lekki Homes Smart Homes...

  • Smart Home controls and installation in all rooms and spaces
  • Special Cinema equipment in the lobby
  • 24/7 Power Supply
  • Central Swimming Pool
  • 4 / 5 bedroom all ensuite terrace
  • Fully fitted kitchen and bathrooms
  • POP screeding ceramic wall tiles for all bathrooms
  • Water heaters, gas cookers and microwave and heat extractor pre-installed
  • DSTV Connection in in all Bedroom 
  • ...and so much more
  • Long Term Investment
  • Income Generating Asset
  • Store of Real Value (Edge Against Inflation)
  • Asset Leverage
  • Decent and Proven ROI (Return on Investment) - 8-10%
  • Fully smart Apartment makes the value increase exponentially than normal apartment.