Nigeria has the largest population in Africa but plagued with shortage of Affordable Housings units. Nigeria currently has a Housing deficit which is estimated to be between 17-20million Housing units and it increases by 900,000 units every year.

With mass Urban migration the areas that need rapid housing developments are the urban regions hence the reason for “Project 10,000”.

Project 10,000 is a special project of Affordable Lekki Homes Ltd and it involves developing 10,000 sustainable and affordable housing units in Nigeria.

  • Automated gate control
  • Safety and security control/remote monitoring
  • Energy control
  • Lightings control
  • Hybrid power back-up (Solar)
  • Integrated Voice control (optional)

The roads within the estate will be fully tiled and proper drainage system will be constructed to make it a standard living area. Also there will be green areas and trees within the estate to create a serene environment.

Gym, Lawn tennis court, basket ball court, mini swimming pool and other recreational facilities will be available within the estate to ensure the occupants have a healthy lifestyle. Business and School Districts also available within Walking Distance.

We will install industrial water system there to
provide portable and clean water for the residents.

A secured zone meaning no omonile wahala (Land Grabber
s) even during construction and properties around the area is
highly secured due to military personnels placed within the a

The Estate will be powered totally renewable energy and PHC
N. There will be option for residents to choose the power sour
ce they want.